Peter Crookdake

July 2, 2018

Five Stars
There are few occasions when I am tempted to write testimonials following a holiday. This holiday was different. It was superlative on so many fronts. Firstly, the "leaders" were excellent both in their organisational ability and there knowledge of the abundant flora and fauna. Secondly, the flexibility offered by the itinerary - the range of different walks submitted each day totally satisfied the various fitness abilities of those present. Thirdly, the social skills displayed by all in charge from registration to the sad farewells were exemplary. I do not know who does the interviewing of the potential recruits but he/she certainly knows his /her business. They certainly got everything right when employing Cam, Danni, Ted, Ted and Kate. I could go on but I will finish by saying that - the quality of a company is not always displayed when things go right but rather when things go wrong. A point of particular relevance when one person over estimated his fitness on one of the walks - a situation overcome with care and attention. Will I be booking again with Collett's? What do you think?