Peigi Macdonald

July 22, 2015

Thank you Collett's for a wonderful holiday.
We had been with you before in the Dolmites. Moderate Level Walking, High Level Walking, Mountain Scenery, Via Ferrata/Klettersteig... Staff always very welcoming and prepared to spend as long as we needed to sort out our plans for the following day. You advertised that we could participate in horse riding in Ehrwald but the staff in the resort were unaware of this and were not able to arrange for us to do this on the Wednesday which was the only day we were free. However,ss there was so much else available, this did not spoil our stay and we appreciated that your staff had tried to help us. Also, we had gone with the intention of focussing on Via Ferrata and were told on arrival that Colletts no longer do this but that we could take a route plan and go by ourselves. As some of the group had not tackled Via Ferrata before, we had hoped to go with some of your staff to begin with. In the event, the easy walk back down from one of the routes we chose was closed resulting in a very long track back to the car which Colletts staff were unaware about and we would not have done the route had we known this, given that the inexperienced climbers were in the group that day. When taking a largish group into the mountains, even stressing that we went at our own risk, it cannot be easy to ensure the safety of the whole party but your staff were conscientious about making us think about what we were wearing and what we should be carrying. Absolutely, this has been one of our best holidays enjoyed in spectacular scenery, a luxury chalet, scorching weather and very reasonable prices in the resort. Ehrwald was truly outstanding and we enjoy the offer of different levels of walking for differing levels of ability and fitness. We found the groups very friendly and welcoming so we were happy to join as an individual if the rest of our group wanted to do something else. Your staff are such nice and interesting people who are easy to chat to and either are really interested in the clients or are very good actors! The men in our party wanted to do their own thing and the women wanted to something a little less challenging so you provided just what we wanted. Thank you Collett's for a wonderful holiday.