Nigel Reid

February 13, 2018

Excellent Holiday
We had a great holiday. The Colletts staff were all very friendly, keen and engaging. Accommodation was fine and the options of taking part in colletts guided ski days, doing your own thing or a mixture of the two worked really well. Petra who runs the Casa Roch looked after us very well, food was copious and the ski hire although not as cheap as France was very efficient in terms of both hiring and Petra collects your kit at the end of the week so no problems returning everything to their shop. Transfers were all efficient and well timed. Corvara is a beautiful place to stay. We had previously walked there in the summer on one of the Alta Vita routes. The surrounding villages and mountains are beautiful, the ski infrastructure is excellent with a lot of recent investment and with this winters snow we all enjoyed and excellent holiday. You also have options of snow shoeing or walking. We did a full serious days snow shoe walking. Colletts AXM shoes are OK on the flat but not up to serious mountain walking, they are too slippery. The local hire shops have Tubbs sets which have a much better grip...Hopefully Collets will re tool with them as we walked some of the AV2 route and very good grippy snow shoes were required!It was interesting with the older ones! All in all an excellent holiday in a very pretty area.