Nicola Johnson

August 21, 2017

Wildflower Walks in the Picos de Europa
Accommodation was great. We soon got used to spanish bread and enjoyed the choices for lunch. Office hour is a really good idea. It meant we could consider the next day's plans but the opportunity to talk with other holiday makers and the staff was also welcome. We made good use of the reference books to identify what we had seen and were able to look at other people's photos from their days out. We also enjoyed the walk leader's slideshow of local flora. It gave us an idea of what to look out for on upcoming days. We were able to vary what we chose to do and make it a really good holiday. Any restrictions we experienced were our own and their were even more things we could have done. (e.g. Swimming - next time!) We can't speak too highly of John and Jo Morris's guidance on the walks. They were both very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the flowers in the area which is what we were interested in. They followed up questions and came back to us later if there was a query which couldn't be answered on the spot. We enjoyed their book which was written by a previous walk guide and loved their own passion for the place. They were very receptive to our interests and went out of their way to show us orchids when we asked. Following the holiday we sent photos to John both for his interest and to check ids. He was quick to respond and accurate and enthusiastic in his replies.