Nichola Stevens

August 6, 2013

Always enjoyed!
Office Hour was excellent to help decide what we were going to do, helping us make up our minds which walk we would prefer. All the staff were friendly and very knowledgeable during Office Hour but I thought Cam stood out for making a real effort to go around talking to people and making sure they were included if they wanted to be. We joined 3 guided walks which we really enjoyed - the itineraries were great with some amazing views, shared with really nice people. In all 3 cases your staff were excellent although this time I would pick out Rick as being outstanding. His mountain knowledge, experience and enthusiam for the mountains was amazing but he was also able to talk to all of us about a range of different subjects and made the walk more enjoyable by being able to give us some history of the area (e.g. the mountain which is shorter than it was thanks to the Austrians blowing its top off). We've been on several Collett's holidays before and have always enjoyed them - we really like the whole set up with the opportunity to join group activities or do our own thing, the information files, the sociable evenings, the great food and flowing wine.