Nichola Stevens

January 12, 2016

another very special holiday
We have stayed in the Verena a few times now and so know what to expect but for new customers even more photos of the inside might be helpful. Holly's cakes were absolutely delicious - I'm glad we've left now or it wouldn't be long before I would need to be buying some much larger clothes! The cooking in general was excellent - the peppered pork on the last night was outstanding - Andy and Holly should be very proud of themselves for serving up such good food every day. We had days out with Jack, Matt, Jane, and Barney and all 4 were excellent. They all had a good knowledge of the pistes, where they are a bit narrow, where they cross each other, where they are likely to get a bit chopped up, etc. They also established a good understanding of our abilities and made sure that where there were options during the day we understood what these involved - if the group were taking different options we all knew exactly where to meet. All four were very helpful and friendly and it was a privilege to have spent the days with them. Why Collett's? Because we have been on holiday several times before with Collett's and know that we will stay in a beautiful place, be well looked after, meet like minded people and will overall enjoy an excellent holiday. Thank you to all the team at the Verena for making it another very special holiday!