Mike Rimmington

March 30, 2015

Many thanks!
Because I want to ski and my wife doesn't due to breaking a leg last time out. Also liked the multiple activity format and the conviviality of the chalet party. I thought my skiing days might be numbered, but after a 6 year gap, found i could still do it. It's very exciting! A comment about the food - there was one couple in particular who were critical and ate out perhaps half the nights. However I thought that the food was very appropriate for what we were doing. Over a week's holiday, you do not want rich cordon bleu evry night. The food was tasty, nutritious and hearty - just what you need after a day's activity in the mountains! You are obviously really good at selecting staff and they contributed so much to a really outstanding holiday. The chalet was really well eqquipped and well located too, so really everything we hoped for. We are first time users of Colletts, but will definitely be back. It was impressive the way that so many of our fellow guests were regulars.