Melanie Hayes

February 22, 2019

I am so grateful that Colletts skiing holidays in the Dolomites exist!
I am so grateful that Collett's skiing holidays in the Dolomites exist - perfect place, perfect set up! I don't know where you find such wonderful staff but you do an excellent job in recruiting, training and supporting such lovely, life enhancing human beings! I would especially like to pass on my thanks and praise to Ben (bearded Ben from Bolton!) for having such patience and good humor all week. His reassuring presence on the slopes when my niece wasn't feeling too well and everything that he did and arranged to help us enjoy our holiday is very much appreciated. I enjoyed the time spent with other guests - met some lovely like-minded people which enhanced the holiday. It's been said already but I wholeheartedly agree that the enthusiasm, warmth, helpfulness, commitment, knowledge and adaptability of the Collett's resort staff lifts the holiday experience way above any other and I can't wait to have many more enjoyable holidays with Collett's.