Martin Josten

July 22, 2015

No comment box for the vehicle above. One minor issue is that the view from the passenger seats (other than next to the driver) is rather poor – a pity in such beautiful scenery. Sanwiches were excellent once we realised we had to request brown bread (which was very good) instead of the rather tasteless white rolls. Fillings were also very good. Again, at both breakfast and dinner, the brown bread often ran out before we got to it! It was really the attitude and commitment of the staff which made the holiday so good. A great attraction of the chalet was the ease with which we got to know the other (delightful) guests. We were pleasantly surprised by the range of activities on offer. The "other itinerary" was cycling, which although slightly more expensive than advised by your staff (E44), was still good value and very enjoyable at an intermediate level (80km, gentle gradients). Value for money Flexibility in choice of transfer dates Matched our objectives (range of activities).