Lynne Hamilton

September 10, 2015

My second holiday with Collett's
This was my second holiday with Collett's and I was as delighted with Austria as I had been with the Dolomites. Ehrwald is a lovely location and the scenery on every walk was stunning. I stayed for 2 weeks and walked with the group every day except one, but I did not have to repeat any walks I'd already been on and every route taken was beautiful. The accommodation was totally up to the standard you would hope for and the hotel food was excellent. However, what made it great was the company and the Collett's staff (Alex, Caroline, Helen, Tez and Sam) who were professional, knowledgable but also very warm and approachable. They made a tremendous effort to include everyone and to make sure everyone was getting the holiday they wanted. I appreciated that effort very much and they contributed to a very warm and comfortable group dynamic. As someone who likes to travel alone but doesn't drive, Collett's offers the possibility of transport, help and company, but also independence and solitude if and when it is desired. It is that balance that makes the holidays so appealing to me. I will definitely be booking another trip in the near future.