Lorna Warnock

August 11, 2015

We had a really good holiday. The staff were great as always!
The 3 course dinner was excellent and of a very high standard. Claire and Alan were really good hosts and we learned a lot about the local produce. We did think that as we were in Italy the coffee could be improved. We do not drink instant coffee at home and would not do so in Italy. A good coffee machine would be most welcome. Office hour was good and the staff had some great ideas and were very well informed. Transport arrangements could be a little hap hazzard, however, this was because your staff were trying to accommodate guests who were changing their minds about activities. Not sure how you can change that. Perhaps if the group has over 10 people in it there could be 2 members of staff as 20 or more guests is a large number for one person. I would also suggest that on the medium to hard walks, the member of staff has some experience of the walk as we did find ourselves split into 2 groups with one group in a bit of difficulty on one walk that was unnecessary and could have ended very differently. As you point out, we are responsible for our own safety. We have been skiing with Collett's and enjoyed it. We wanted to see what the area was like in the Summer and wanted an activity holiday. We had a really good holiday. The staff were great as always. The food was outstanding and Claire and Alan did a superb job. They really are the dream team.