September 30, 2015

Just back from one of the best weeks ever. My first completely (slightly nervously booked) solo hols at 35 years old meant I was welcomed by enthusiastic staff, a lovely room and really good support pre booking and travelling there despite booking this 2 days before I left. I cannot speak highly enough of the staff be it yummy food, (jack n jane) the sparkling and knowledgable conversation on the trails (Katy Seb n Ric) or the encouragement to learn new skills (Beth n Josh).. Plus an efficient check in by Rachel and being made not to feel too stupid as I got picked up off the floor during a hiking boot failure incident maybe fuelled by beer (Adam). Defo recommend this place for solo travellers - the ski season may be full of younger people - I wouldn't know but more needs to be made of the solo summer traveller as I found the other guests great company on the trials . We particularly enjoyed the lovely sauna area post hiking. Thank you for a lovely end to my summer of 2015 collettes.