Lisa Robinson

July 20, 2015

all very good but we actually travelled to Innsbruck and there was little knowledge of travel options/details from there for getting to Erhwald – as we were the first ones to arrive there – so this took up rather alot of time to find out enough (for Colletts as well). Yet it's a useful option (Innsbruck) – all done on public transport. The Collets staff were (are) really delightful, Sam, Caroline, Helen, Alex, Tez. Totally helpful and friendly, warm and open and caring! I have to mention Caroline's exceptional approach: she comes across as truly interested (they all do, but she stands out) very caring and calm and she remembers names and details amazingly! What special people you seem to manage to find. We enjoyed them all and had our main contacts with Sam (just lovely) and Caroline. We don't forget them. And they are so enthusiastic too. We mostly did our own thing but joined an initial group (nice and small!). Also, we were a bit limited due to one bad, painful leg issue! Been once before (Dolomites) and we do love the atmosphere created by the staff we've met so far – and our experience so far of the reliably good and cumfy accommodation – and food! We hope to have another holiday with Colletts sometime….Do feel free to use any comments but could you pass it through me first? Thanks. and we would like to add THANK YOU for the warm, open communication Colletts gives all round.