Linda Thomas

December 20, 2013

Haus Valentin - Badia
Expectations of excellent service, established over nearly ten years. The young people who looked after us, as usual, were exceptional. We are now treated almost as family by Monica, Reiner, Christina and Melanie. We were introduced to a range of congenial fellow guests and this year, Kevin and Tracie, our long-term friends, were also there. It was one of our best holidays and that's saying a great deal. The food was of a uniformly high standard – varied and extremely tasty. Everyone appreciated the chalet's willingness to allow skis to be hired before serving dinner although this made for a late start. Thank you. Staff made sure our transport needs were accommodated on two days, so that we were able to get to La Villa with a group of varied ability skiers without encountering a red early in the day.