Les Reason

June 1, 2016

An outstandingly good holiday, thank you!
We were particularly happy with the way you organised our ferry bookings, including changing the date of our return. The hotel coped well with us despite arriving a couple of hours earlier than expected. We were at Ehrwald for 2 weeks and your staff clearly took this into account when planning the itinerary, avoiding repetitions - many thanks for their consideration! The walks were an excellent mixture of different types of terrain and scenery which we very much enjoyed. Your staff were all very knowledgeable, professional at all times, caring and aware of the abilities of group members. We are experienced in walking on our own in remote, mountainous regions but never felt we were being "nannied" too much. We have been to the Dolomites with you twice before and knew we liked your holidays. Yes, excellent hotel and brilliant staff - An outstandingly good holiday, thank you!