Larry Johnson

August 8, 2015

I appreciate the carefully thought out and executed process you use for booking, inquiries, and pre-departure information and everything else that follows. Your focus on process is one of your strengths and results in consistent quality. Nicely done! I appreciate Collett's welcome process. It allows me to settle in quickly and feel welcome as a part of the group. I especially want to commend Caroline in Ehrwald. She helped me ship about 10 kg of walking gear back to the US so that I would not have to lug it with me during the next three weeks that I was planning to spend in Italy. This provide a huge benefit for my overall holiday. Many thanks, Caroline! You rock! As always, the knowledge and delightful personality of your staff members was a highlight of my holiday experience. I appreciate the clarity with which the walk leaders brief groups regarding proper equipment, and mutual responsibility prior to a walk. Even though the walk leaders are not qualified guides, they are knowledgeable about the area. This is a huge help in making a walking holiday efficient in terms of time and cost. Thanks! The availability of Collett's walking holidays has positively impacted the quality of my life.