Karen Galvin

March 27, 2017

From the information it appeared that there was complete flexibility to join in or self guide. As very independent travellers more used to being inour motorhome on the continent doing our own thing this appealed to us. The hosted chalet also appealed as it again was a far more relaxed environment and atmosphere rather than being in a more formal hotel. This was our first experience of Collett's and certainly won't be our last. We think the niche market you have captured is one that others will eventually realise, areas where couples and groups can go together but may choose to do different things some days. For skiers and non skiers for example it is ideal. No more need for separate holidays! To be honest I did say while away that I personally would have loved the opportunity to work within such a fantastic company! What more can I say an amazing holiday with a fantastic group and chalet hosts who each went out of their way to make everyone feel at home, comfortable and welcome.