Julian Cooper

August 12, 2015

All excellent and cannot think of anything to change. Initial holiday enquiries not really applicable as we had decided on Ehrwald. We flew to Innsbruck. It would have been good to have had some of your directions from there. We thought your staff at Ehrwald all excellent (Sam, Tez, Helen, Alex and Caroline). We did not do many of the group walks this year but had excellent help from the team, Sam in particular, identifying walks, cycles and klettersteig. We were particularly impressed by Sam doing a cycle (Um den Daniel) on the Monday and then typing up notes to help us do it on the Tuesday! Our experience on previous holidays with you and wanting to come to Austria. Value for money - in general (the hotel was very comfortable, food was excellent, staff mostly good. We found our rooms, compared with Corvara and Picos, smaller). We know being in a hotel makes it a challenge but we would have really valued tea/coffee facilities. We are sure you can find a way round it! It did not feel right coming back in the afternoon after a walk and not being able to get a cup of tea without paying for it -and hence did not happen. The arrangement in Chalet Angelo and the Posada worked really well.