Julian, Charlotte and Tom Thorne

January 17, 2019

Great week in Corvara
We had a great week in Corvara, skiing. Nearly every day we benefited from, and enjoyed, the company of Sandy, Ali and John from Collett's. It was great not to have to get our heads around the piste maps, but to say where we fancied skiing, and using the local knowledge to use the best slopes and restaurants. We found their recommendations excellent. They also fully supported our belief that the ski day should end catching the last lift of the day to the top of the mountain and skiing home! We had the satisfaction of being followed off the mountain by Piste Control several evenings! We had been concerned about the ski dynamics of a week's skiing since this was the first year we had skied without our daughter, and we are painfully aware that Tom is now significantly better and faster than us (although we are still capable skiers). I am convinced the company, good humour and banter from Sandy, Ali and John dissipated any problem. Our apartment (Sporting Residence) was superbly located, just a few minutes from the main lifts. It was well equipped and clean and had a balcony view over the church and up the town. The church bells stopped at 10pm, although they did not bother us before this time. Very conveniently, they started at 7am and provided an excellent alarm clock!