Jill Stuart

June 26, 2017

Great format for a walking holiday
Over the last three holidays with Collett's, we have found they make the risk factor very clearly on a daily basis at least twice. Which is good - no one can say they didn't know! And we like this aspect... we like to be responsible for ourselves and not blindly follow like sheep. We use Collett's for their location knowledge - it stops us wasting the first couple of days of the holiday finding our feet - Collett's have done all the fact finding for us! Used Collett's Mountain Holidays for previous winter and summer holidays. Had a wonderful time on both - wanted to do it again! Support and company on the hikes which is what you pay for. 'Office Hour' is an important social aspect of the Collett's holiday - as well as the hike organisation time. Love it - a great format of the holiday