Jill Croskell

July 22, 2014

Outstanding Austria
The staff were all lovely and totally brilliant at helping with all our questions. They took us very seriously and thought hard about the best advice to give us. The info on walks and especially Via Ferrata was really helpful – it made our exploration of a new area much easier and more efficient, helping to guide us without the use of a guide in person. This suited us better than an organised walk and saved us lots of wasted time which we would have experienced if we had been finding things out for ourselves. Staff were very aware when talking to us about our independent plans and made helpful suggestions for our tripos. They also asked us afterwards for our assessment of the trip we had made so that they could add to their own knowledge and be aware of the terrain/state of snow/any other tips we could give etc. very professional. Previous trips which have enabled us to make the most of a short time in a new area. The local knowledge and advice about climbing/VFs/transport/food etc is brilliant when you only have a week and want to do as much as possible.