Jean Hughes

January 27, 2014

Magic - hard to adjust back to normal life
Just returned back home at midnight last night; washing is on. It's hard to find suitable superlatives to add to the reviews for Chalet Angelo staff. The weather and snow conditions are in the hands of the gods and they dealt a good one on the Alta Badia area last week, but the chalet staff were so friendly and accommodating that they made this probably the best ski holiday I have been on. I have to say that I thought the ski guiding from Dan, Ben and Emily was outstanding as all the directions were very clear, and they led us on routes which would be hard to make up by yourself and without the hastle of looking at a piste map every few miles. I just wish I had the opportunity to ski with them again as they inspire confidence and create a friendly atmosphere between guests who have never met before. There just didn't seem enough days in the week! As a further comment, could I just thank the staff for getting us on the early bus down to Venice as we were able to take the water bus from the airport and spent 2 or 3 hours exploring the city before our return flight. I can recommend this to anyone who has a latish flight home, although it was a long day, and may not suit anyone with work in the morning! I hope to arrange another holiday with Collett's but unsure whether to recommend them to many people as the chalets may get booked up too quickly. Best of luck to all the staff and hope the season goes well for you. Jean