James family and friends

July 21, 2018

Something for everyone
We were a group of 12 family and friends including three US visitors in Ehrwald. For some it was the first Colletts holiday , for others it was our third . To everyone it was "special" . The location, hotel, walking, food and friendliness provided everything we wanted. Cameron, Danni ,Tim, Ted and Kate did everything to ensure success. We split for Easy/Moderate or Moderate/Hard walks and met up once again for Office Hour with the other Colletts guests. We did use Private Taxi from Innsbruck which is a fabulous small airport just 50 minutes away ( but fewer flight options). The Hotel provided good breakfast ( including bacon/eggs option) four course dinners and free wine as well as afternoon tea and cakes. Packed lunches made by the Colletts team also available. The walking was just outstanding with plenty of support and absolutely no pressure. The detailed description at office hour (with appropriate warnings) enabled everyone to make the appropriate choice of difficulty/challenge. Lake walks, wildflower fields, forest climbs, protected paths ( wires/chains) scree running and easy scrambling provided the choice and variety. Dont look at distance just the ascent or time as the best indicators . The only difficulty will be to choose which Colletts location for 2019