Hilary Cotterill

September 19, 2016

We had a rerun of the last 2 years holiday so didn't use website or brochure, just phoned you up. Only problem was there was no apartment available for the full 17 days of holiday so you arranged a split between the two apartment. We have been to the dolomites many times and are fairly familiar with the area. Mainly we self guided (walking and VF). For a couple of more challenging days we (independently) hired a guide. Hence we did not really participate in organised activities. Staff however were enthusiastic and helpful. The one WW1 walk we went on was excellent (with John and Caroline). Our initial Colletts holiday (over 10 years ago) was from a recommendation of a work colleague. In an area we want to go to and (then) with organised via ferratta.. Now we self guide, love the area and keep coming back. Transfer from Venice is good as we don't need a hire car. Good to have English staff who you know will help if there are any problems , or just give information. Although we did not participate in many organised activities and were self catering, we found all the chalet staff extremely pleasant, friendly and helpful. (Even at the end of a tiring day). The one meal we ate at Verena was good. At office hour they always welcomed us even though we were not "residents" in the chalet.