Hamish Gairns

February 27, 2017

Excellent, excellent weeks skiing in Corvara
This is my 6th time with Colletts, and one of my most enjoyable stays (not that all the other times weren't great). As always all the staff just couldn't do enough for us, always at hand to answer any questions no matter how trivial they might be. We stayed at Chalet Angelo so a special thanks to all the guys there (Charlie, Caroline, Emma, Sophie, Mike, Dan, and Brendan.. sorry if i have missed off anyone or got a name wrong!!). The food was great, especially how you catered for some of our guys who had certain dietary requests... Morgan has said that he has never had such a varied choice of puddings whilst on holiday!! Despite the the low snow levels there was still excellent on piste skiing everywhere, The snow making facilities they have in this area is superb... although I see it's looking to snow more this week... fingers crossed for all you guys out there. Also I would like to thank everyone back at head office for your help on making this holiday very easy to arrange... Pete, Lisa, Dee, Tom and Viv (to name but a few) Thank you all again and hope to see or speak to you all again soon Hamish