Greg Lester

August 8, 2016

Very Impressed
We were joining your team part way through a longer holiday, and the admin team made sure that we received all information in a timeframe that fitted in with our travel times. Greatly appreciated. The Colletts team and hotel staff made us feel right at home from the outset. Very happy with the variety and quality of the meals provided, especially considering the size of the groups. Lunch packs were perfect for what we were doing. The Colletts team went out of their way to make sure that everyone was comfortable with the information regards the next days walking as well as getting feedback on the day just done. It's difficult to comment on group sizes as they varied each day. Everyone there during our stay got on very well together which made for an enjoyable time regardless of numbers. The variety of walking on offer was very good. We chose an Alps holiday simply because we enjoy all forms of mountain walking. Quality of destinations, and a variety of walking styles that met the needs of both Lynn and I. High standard of information available on your web site, which was matched by our actual experience during the holiday. We were very impressed with the professionalism of your team, and all of them are very personable. We had the most to do with Danni and Cam so they rate a very special thank you from us. We stayed at the hotel and were very happy with the style and quality of it. Ehrwald is a great little spot. Overall a great holiday.