Gordon Coombes

August 13, 2015

We could not thank them enough for their hospitality (Chalet Angelo staff).
We arrived on a Wednesday which is the staff day off in the Chalet. Due to this we found settling in on the first day with a few unanswered questions. This is no criticism to Colletts or there staff. If we were to do this holiday again then we would definitely choose a different day to arrive on. The food during our stay at Chalet Angelo was amazing. Claire and the team prepared some fantastic meals. We always had great service from all the staff and enjoyed sharing our evening meals in such a social atmosphere. Special thanks have to be given to the staff on sandwich duty who prepared all our lunches to an excellent standard and taking special care of visitors fussy dietary requirements. No request was too much to ask. All the staff were very patient and dedicated to making our stay enjoyable. The office hour is a fantastic idea. All the staff were super helpful and very knowledgeable. Any questions were answered immediately or researched and responded to in great time. The office hour was not only very informative but also a fantastic social opportunity for all guests and staff. Having the Paramount hotel residents join us at chalet Angelo was a particular highlight. This allowed a great mix of guests outside of the organised walks. All the organised walks we attended were conducted with great organisation from the staff members. We had a couple of walks were the groups were large. We still had a great day but it just felt the group was slightly too large. This however was only the case for two walks. The rest of the time the walks were well organised and good fun. I feel we had value for money. The accommodation was great, the food was excellent and the staff and hospitality are unmatched. I would like special thanks to be passed on to all the Colletts staff but in particular the team at Chalet Angelo. They made the holiday what it was and we could not thank them enough for their hospitality.