Gail Sullivan

September 9, 2016

Wonderful Holiday
Best food ever. And David (waiter) lovely. The Hotel Sabocos owners incredibly kind. The routes are not as well marked here (vs. Dolomites, for example), so we did not feel as comfortable branching out on our own. The laminates are helpful but one can still take the wrong path - often many - and cairns may have blown over. Mountains were outstanding, everything we'd hoped for. Other participants were lovely, we miss them already. Staff leaders - not guides! - were wonderful, particularly those with experience of a few years. More experienced leaders know that it is not the goal (getting somewhere) that is key, but the journey, which includes looking at plants, taking pictures, and absorbing the views along the way. Staff who have not had a prior summer may focus only on the goal. Specifically, Ric, Flee (Felicity) and Dan were amazing people and wonderful leaders. We went to Corvara, Dolomites last year and had a wonderful time. Thus we wanted to go with Colletts again. Being from the US, it saves enormous research/effort time to go with a group. Plus we meet interesting, fun people. Thanks for a wonderful holiday. Hotel Sabocos, staff leaders, and admn. staff (Viv, Kelly) were all absolutely terrific.