Frances Nixon

June 29, 2018

Just love Corvara!
This is our second visit to Corvara. Last year we were in Chalet Verena, half board (sadly no longer available), and this year, self catering in Alpi. Andy and I loved the Dolomites, and the whole Collett’s experience. It’s hard to think how the holiday could be improved! Last year we were only in Corvara for a few days (we stayed in Venice overnight on the way out and back), and this time, had a full 9 days up in Corvara. Andy enjoyed trying some relatively simple via Ferrata as well as the walks, and I occasionally went for walks on my own, following the sage advice and knowledge of the “not guides” from Collett’s! If you’re looking for a good experience of walking in the Dolomites, if you’re not familiar or confident there, I’m sure you won’t find better than Collett’s to give you a good experience there. What I appreciate most in their arrangements are :- 1) office hour, where you get the experience of all their staff to help you choose what is best for you each day (in a setting involving Hugo and other alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages!) 2) that you can choose exactly when you leave and depart, for however many days you like, and are charged on a pro rata basis. That’s brilliant!