Fran Mott

September 20, 2016

A cracking 2 weeks in the Pyrenees staying at the Sabocos Hotel, there is very little that can be faulted. The hotel was very comfortable and well located for all the walks in the region, the staff were friendly and the rooms cleaned daily and the food was excellent,plenty of breakfast to keep us going in the morning and not one duff meal from the 3 courses in the evening which were introduced by Davide every evening, with the meal came plenty of wine. The Collett's staff were excellent from start to end, with the daily office hour which were very informative about the choices of walks and the local knowledge, they were always going out of their way to try to arrange a walk that would suit everyone. Even on their day off they were still willing to help us to go on a horse ride as they could speak the language, unfortunately the ride got cancelled because of recent rain, but it's the thought that counts. The walks themselves were very pleasant not just because of the 'spectacular' views, but thanks to the liveliness and the chats with the staff and the other clients. We were also blessed with the Vuelta cycling race passing by the town. Overall the holiday was a very pleasant experience making it all the harder to return to normal life. A special thanks to Catlin,Dan,Flee and Beth who accompanied us on our walks and always managed to lead us home safely.