Elizabeth Soloman

September 6, 2017

Centre-Based Walking in the Dolomites
You had accommodation in the Dolomites - an area of Italy we had visited before on a trek. we wanted a centre based walking holiday and you could offer it. Staff were extremely helpful at Office Hour and couldn't have been more so. Laminates were detailed but maps would have been better slightly larger - and I have good reading sight ! We were really pleased with the way the guided walking worked. When booking with you we had only intended to use the chalet as a base and do our own walking. However, decided to give a guided walk a try on the first day and ended up joining a group on every day thereafter - staff were so knowledgeable and friendly and we enjoyed meeting people form other accommodation in the village I cannot express too highly how much we appreciated your staff and what a pleasure it was to have people who both held an interesting conversation, were knowledgeable about the area and who were interested in you as a guest - both in your experiences during the day and in life generally. Office hour was a pleasure! I don't know how they manage to maintain such a pleasant demeanor for so long!!!