Elaine Akam

August 8, 2017

Outstanding Walking in the Austrian Alps
We have traveled to Corvara in the Dolomites and the Picos with Collett's and like to way the holidays are set up. Everyone was very welcoming and helped us to settle in with the minimun of problems. Our room was clean bright and cheerful. The Team in Erhwald were amazing. They all worked very well together and did their best to provide walks to suit needs. The hotel was in an ideal situation in the centre of the village. It was clean and the staff were attentive. The food was abundant and well cooked. All the meals were outstanding. The offer of 3 or 4 courses was a real treat after a long day walking. All the staff were keen to help at office hour. The walks were planned around the weather forecast which was rain for the week with the Tuesday and Wednesday being the wettest days. Thought had been put into what we could do safely on those days. (Wednesday being organisers day off but they still gave us suggestions of what we could do). The Collett's team worked well together and each one drew on the strengths of the others. They were sensitive to the needs of individuals in the group and responded quickly if there were any problems.