Edward Gildea

September 29, 2019

Haus Valentin
Thank you for a great holiday. The transfer from the airport was friendly and efficient, enabling four strangers to bond immediately and form a friendship grouping that lasted the whole week. A great welcome at the bar - such friendly staff and a much appreciated complimentary beer. The walks were all very well organised and led, with a good level of challenge and adventure. It was a shame that you no longer facilitate via ferrata, but I was given great advice which enabled me to do a good challenging climb on my last day. Great food and the table arrangement really facilitate conversation with other residents and the forming of friendships. Massive compliments to the whole team. Just one little note: one of the team felt her role was to dominate conversations during walks. She tended to be 'on transmit' most of the time, whereas, had she been more curious about the people she was 'leading', she would learn so much from people who had led interesting lives, achieved remarkable things and could enrich her experiences too.