Doug Taylor

June 28, 2017

Great Holiday
We had a really great holiday thank you. The hotel was relaxing and very well specced, very clean and it was lovely to see/meet the owner and his family. The rooms we had were spectacular. Your guides are obviously chosen very carefully, and they were excellent - caring, respectful of our shortcomings, funny, knowledgeable, interesting. Office hour was a great opportunity to meet other guests and speak with guides who made it their business to include everyone - a USP for Collett's! Performance of staff beyond outstanding! Lovely young people...but Colletts needs a new term for 'non-guides'! We knew we had missed the early June flower walks, but there were plenty of flowers left in the meadows so it would be nice to carry those on for another week or two. What would have been useful is some place to clean our boots ie a tap and an old brush hidden away at the back of the hotel.