David Wakeford

July 21, 2015

I particularly liked your payment portal which enabled me and members of my group to pay as and when it suited them, very efficiently handled Your driving instructions said not to take 'Munich West' so we didn't and consequently were stuck in traffic for some time. Your resort staff advised us to go via Munich West on our return, as although longer, it is quicker. They know this from their airport transfer experience. It worked! The use of local bus services and lifts generally worked well but some of our group had a long wait for a return bus when undertaking the Alpkopf & Berwang Valley walk (M11), which rather took the gloss off the day. We only had weather reports verbally from your staff. The route laminates were generally good but I was surprised to learn that the resort staff were unable to edit them and keep them up to date. Clearly the people in resort are best placed to do this, even if changes have to be approved by head office. As an example laminate H7 Gartenwand Ridge which I borrowed for a Wednesday walk, gave an alternative/variation which I might have chosen had it also included an 'extra distance/time' It also had a duplicated last sentence, a simple typographical error easily rectified had the staff been able to. Although disclaiming responsibility (before every walk – a little tiresome) I felt the walk organisers were very conscientious and clearly felt a moral responsibility for the group, which was nice, even if a little patronising at times. From past experiences, your excellent resort staff, varied walking programmes and the information files, also efficient head office admin, easy to contact (you actually answer the phone when it rings and not put people on hold.) On our day of departure we didn't manage to see all of the resort staff to thank them in person, for their services. Is there a resort e-mail address, that we could use to contact them?