David Davies

January 5, 2016

Quite amazing!
Staff were so friendly and so well able to answer questions that it was as though I had been there before. Too much good food! I expect to lose a bit of weight on an active holiday.... No chance here!! Mountain walking really needs maps of the quality of Ordnance Survey Explorer Range - clearly not available in Italy. Bit hard for newcomers to follow on local maps - nevertheless staff were experienced enough to have no difficulty, and were able to point to the defects of the maps. Important, as we may want to walk independently next year (probably not in snow, though!) Sunny weather and no snow when we were there - beautiful, bit like summer walking on a cold day. Would have found it a bit harder in snow... With the weather we had the walking was easy enough, and so risk never seemed an issue. Pace was adjusted so that no-one was left behind. Groups stopped frequently (and had lots of hot chocolate breaks). Staff seemed competent to deal with whatever might occur. Angela chose you! I think GOOD CHOICE! The idea was to have a place where we could walk every day (we did) and our daughter and boyfriend could ski every day (they did). Staff were ALL incredibly kind, friendly, and thoughtful - and enthusiastic about their work, and the company - and they all said kind things about each other. All seemed equally good at dealing with seven-year-olds and old codgers like me. Quite amazing!