Daniel Allen

September 9, 2015

Outstanding Austria
We always find that all Colletts staff superbly helpful and very human which makes a lovely change. Helen picked us up from the train station because it was raining which was a very nice touch. She took us through a huge amount of stuff very patiently.The only slight problem we had was when changing buses between Munich and Ehrwald (we found it hard to work out exactly where to go) but that was nothing to do with Colletts. Our apartment was superb - very clean and comfy with a great view from the balcony. No problems or concerns at all. If the kit was wet we could just dry it on the balcony because the roof hung over enough to keep it dry. The whole Office Hour idea is great, and there is even time to get ideas for things to do on the Wednesday (day off). Route cards are generally very clear and accurate. The 'hard' walks were hard enough getting nice and high and the 'easy' walks were still very worthwhile and interesting. Caroline's knowledge of the wildlife of the area was very good. Every walk was preceeded by a clear briefing, and it was also very clear that there was no need to hurry or keep up with whoever was at the front. Please don't change ! In the Dolomites there were also optional wild flower and painting sessions which I don't think were available in Ehwald but there were certainly plenty of wild flowers and painting options so you may want to consider offering this too. I may not take up these options but there may be clients who would enjoy them.