Chris Towner

April 13, 2015

Corvara walking (twice) and skiing (twice)
Steve and Becks are great cooks/hosts. This could just turm into a list of memorable meals, but there was innovation in the menu (the Thai noodles and Fennel risotto stood out) and some great classics (such as the sticky toffee pudding). Becks shows her mastery of baking at Angelo with her daily cakes. We have borrowed her recipe, but can't get it too work as well as she does. This isn't really an office hour point, but having the quiz early in the week did a lot to break down the barriers between the three tables at Angelo. Eddie and Ben won particular plaudits for their ability to persuade guests that they could cope with slopes that were more difficult than those they had tackled previously. Katie is a natural ball of energy and Shell an all round top lass. The team was very good and extremely helpful when Helen twisted her knee. Having an ice pack in the freezer onsite was most appreciated; it saved me from fetching snow off the piste… We had been to Corvara walking (twice) and skiing (twice). The Colletts set up is very good; the staff manage to be both very professional and very relaxed at the same time, which creates an environment that the guests can relax into.