Chris Towner

March 29, 2016

Our seventh Collett's holiday
All of the locations/accommodation looks great, so it is hard to get a feel for the differences between the locations! The food is one of the things that sets Angelo apart. We have stayed there for the last three years and I only recognised one meal from the previous visits. The menu is imaginative, and the combinations of flavours and the quality of the cooking is a cut above what you would expect to find in a hosted chalet. The quality of the staff, their detailed knowledge of the area and routes, allied to their open, helpful approach adds a great deal to the holiday. Past experience - this was our seventh Collett's holiday. The model you have and the quality of your staff set you apart in the past from any other organisation we have heard of. As the quality of your staff/teams sets you apart, whoever does your recruiting and/or decides the make-up of the teams at each chalet deserves praise. On a personal level, Steve and Becks do a great job at Angelo. They are a very strong asset of, and a great advert for, Colletts. If you are losing Katie as chalet manager, you could do far worse than give Caroline her role.