Chris Ezra

August 5, 2016

Outstanding Pyrenees
As a long standing customer and previous visitor to the Pyrenees, the brochure and website were not important in our planning of the trip. Weather forecasting for the Pyrenees is not the best, but this is not the fault of the staff, they found the most accurate forecasts that they could. Given that the route marking in the Pyrenees is not to the same standard of the Dolomites, we thought the route laminates could be a bit more detailed. We seemed to find ourselves out with Rémy on most of our walks (it just worked out that way) what a top chap! Perfect pacing for the group and just good fun to be with. We've been travelling with you since 2007, we like the freedom to travel when we like and for how long. Also the ability to either 'do your thing' or just relax and join a group suits us perfectly.