Charlotte Collins

September 11, 2015

The Panorama hotel is an absolute gem - Outstanding
Very informative brochure, but slightly confusing layout. When you know what is on offer you can easily understand it, but as a first-timer, can be quite hard to distill the information easily. For instance, one of the other guests we met did not even know that you could stay at a hotel instead of a chalet! I think the actual handbook itself is excellent, but being totally web-based, I found locating the driving/arrival instructions tricky. I just went round and round in web circles In the end, I phoned up and was sent the proper link by one of your office colleagues. Once I had it, the driving guide for how to get out of/into Marco Polo airport was invaluable. I'm all for saving paper, but I think arrival driving instructions are essential and should be directly emailed directly for each holiday. Every member of the family could do their own thing at their own pace. Our 16 year old son discovered biking in the mountains and absolutely loved it! The Panorama hotel is an absolute gem - the food in the evenings was consistently some of the best we have ever had and the pool/spa centre is really very nice too. Great first holiday with Collett's. Every member of the family wanted it to go on for longer and I'm sure we will return to the Dolomites!