Carolyn (Lyn) Ashley

September 18, 2019

We joined a hiking group in Victoria, BC, Canada early in 2019. Twice heard folks on the trail talking about Collett's in very positive terms. The second time the people were talking about how they were going to the Dolomites walking with Collett's. The style of the tour, with the choice of going on walks or on our own, with office hours to talk about the routes the next day, and also the ability to get information on walks on our own, really appealed to us. We had an absolutely fabulous time. The accommodation, the food and our daily hiking companions were fantastic. We particularly enjoyed the friendship and attitude of the staff. They were so helpful! And of course, we were awestruck with the scenery. Will definitely come on another Collett's holiday as soon as we can. Probably a hut to hut this time.