Caroline Jones

March 21, 2016

Total success - Collettified!
Outstanding Initially the lady in the office took our file home to ensure she could phone on a Saturday as soon as she heard back about extra accommodation - which we were impressed by and then We had a number of alterations (extra guest for part of week and alteration to flight details for one member) and your staff were extremely helpful. Loved tea and cakes when we came in each day! Maybe an extra pillow! Sometimes the snow shoeing groups were a bit big but on other days they were much smaller which was better, but we quite accept that that you can't do much about that! Would be interesting to know if we were to return whether we could request a particular walk to be in the program in advance To be able to mix skiing and snow showing (skiing for my son, snowshoeing for us) and so I could still walk if my husband didn't want to. Also recommended by my sister who has been on several holidays with us. We felt we were Collett's newbies (I mean that in the nicest possible way) and that we have been Collettified (ie won over to your holidays). We really like the format of your holidays and felt that the helpfulness and friendliness of all your staff both here and in the resort made the holiday the success it was.