Caroline Hughes

January 27, 2016

A lovely brochure and the way you advertised appealed to us. WE like the small scale " family" run business and the areas .Also, your priorities, walking, flowers, natural beauty, ski, snow shoe walking.. all appeals to us. No unnecessary frills. You choose your staff very well; all friendly, communicative, responsible, efficient useful skills positive.. they help to make the holiday extra special. They also learn a lot on the job either in their skiing skills, admin, organising, team work etc so good for their CV's and personal development. So helpful at " office hour"; great fun on Quiz night despite feisty asides from the guests!! The whole atmosphere at Haus Valentin is welcoming, informal, so easy to chat to other guests. We like the informal seating for dinner and breakfast because it is flexible. Timing for setting off is excellent. Drop off and pick up points offer wonderful flexibility. We arrived at Corvara just a bit late to continue our ski journey to Badia so our guide of the day just contacted the shuttle and we were driven back to Haus Valentin. So nice to be taken to the ski hire shop , have boots delivered there on the last day and have our ski pass ready on day one. It takes all the hassle and anxiety out of organising all that sort of thing. THis year, the Sella and Ortisie groups were quite big ( 13/14) but everyone was of a similar speed and it was great to ski together. I am a very careful and therefore slower skier so did feel under pressure to keep up, I admit, but the need to keep up forced me out of my comfort zone and showed I can do more than I expected of myself, in terms of speed and steepness and difficulty of slope. The ski itineraries were great and varied. Just one creature comfort I would have liked; slightly bigger, softer towels ( you can tell it's a woman writing this!!) The dolomites is atruly wonderful location. We love the villages, churches, the old farm buildings especially on the Santa Croce run. WE love the santa Croce run and all the 5 or 6 rifugios The piste is a dream. We love the setting of Badia/Pedraces and San Leonardo, its magnificent church, its lack of commercialism, the beautiful outlook. There is no disadvantage in being a little away from the main hub. Great that "Hotel Melodia da bosca" can be used ( that was great for our friend Charles).