Carol Paterson

July 14, 2015

Excellent Holiday
I initially heard about Collett's talking to people on a chair lift in Corvara when skiing. As we had talked about walking in the area in summer and I liked what I heard, I tracked you down on the internet. we welcomed the honesty bar and the tea and cake option being available and not being confined to set times. Dinners were of variable quality with a couple of poor nights, we ate out an extra night as we had been disappointed the night before. The one meal we had in Chalet Verena was of a much higher standard. Also we would like to have seen a menu to know what the food was going to be. A couple of days we walked independently and found there was not enough time to do office hour and get tidied up before dinner. On a personal note we found 7pm far too early to eat. with office hour 6-7 there was then no time to go and get showered after a days walking before dinner. Chalet Verena ate at 7.30 which allowed time to get showered and changed. We loved office hour especially with Rick, our flower guide, it us a chance to show him pictures of unidentified plants and check identifications with him. Alison was brilliant. When we arrived we were not sure if we were up to the hut to hut walking we had booked. But she encouraged us and suggested walks we could do to test our fitness during the week, and suggested route modifications to make it a little easier for us. Although the walking was tough for us we felt enormous satisfaction at having completed the trip. our hut to hut itinerary gave good walking notes but didn't mention any of the wildflower highlights we found.