Beverley Stapleton

July 13, 2015

I will definitely be back!
I was very impressed with the service I had from Viv and others at the office; Chalet Valentin single rooms were fully booked when I first phoned, but I was offered B & B at the Hotel Melodia, with evening meals at Valentin. This proved to be an excellent arrangement (I felt in the lap of luxury at Melodia, have never stayed in a 'basic' room quite like it!), as I felt welcome in both places. I arrived with 2 other guests just in time for dinner at Valentin, and was made very welcome. Jack, our transfer driver, delivered my suitcase to Hotel Melodia, where it was waiting in my room later on. Beth walked with me to the hotel, even though it was late; she insisted, although the whereabouts of the hotel had already been pointed out. I greatly appreciate everybody's help that evening. Although quite different in style and facilities, I loved both Chalet Valentin and Hotel Melodia; as stated before, my room at Melodia was amazing, so modern and spacious, but I loved the homeliness and friendly atmosphere at Valentin, and the meals were excellent. As a total novice to walking holidays of any kind, and being a novice solo traveller, I was completely in the hands and expertise of your staff! They did not disappoint; I felt totally safe and confident on all activities. I was well aware of the 'at my own risk factor', it was neither under or over stated. Collett's seemed to tick all the boxes that I needed for this first solo holiday... I wanted the scenery, walks that were not too strenuous and I like painting and wildflowers! I would like you to pass on my thanks to all staff, both at your office and in Badia, who contributed to one of my best holidays ever; I will definitely be back!