Alison MacWilliam

August 12, 2013

It was a wonderful holiday
We did a couple of accompanied walks and several self-guided walks. We enjoyed them all. The guided walks were at an appropriate pace and it was lovely to stop for a picnic and spend time gazing at the views. The food was solid home cooking but lacked fresh vegetables and fresh fruit. We were delighted with the accommodation - 2 single rooms which were spacious, bright, lovely bathrooms and balconies. So often single rooms are little more than cupboards so the rooms at Chalet Haus Valentin certainly exceeded our expectations. My mother initially chose it for the flower and painting walks and because she felt it would be an ideal holiday for an older single person travelling alone. I decided to join her, and it worked well as she could do her painting while I did some walking. She also joined the group for a couple of walks and managed exceedingly well. It was a wonderful holiday - the views from the balcony were amazing, the chalet extremely comfortable and the staff without exception were friendly, enthusiastic, delightful people.