Alan Ford

November 12, 2019

Yet again... wonderful
Wonderful week walking in Tuscany. First the accommodation. Having been to Andalucia last May, this was heaven! Unbelievably thoughtful hosts in a delightful simple, quiet house, with exceptional food, not flashy or haute cuisine, but local and always interesting. Walking was gentle but always interesting, and the other walkers were delightful company. The Italian towns were utterly charming - I love the idea of walking to lunch. OK the scenery was not Corvara or Ehrwald, but it had a gentle,subtle appeal. And of course yet again the Colletts team! Gosh, how do you do it? They were delightful company, wonderful hosts, first rate guides (..not qualified, of course ... (though one of them was)). It was lovely to see Ben again and watch him lead us without ever being bossy, and Charlie and Caroline and Clare made the perfect team. Special, very very special thanks to Clare. We managed to ruin both her rest days by falling and having to be collected. My wife suffered a particularly bad fracture of her wrist (absolutely no reflection whatsoever on the team - just a simple mishap) and Clare picked her up in the van, brought her to hospital and stayed with her, and saw her through all the painful waiting, whilst messaging me about what was happening. No words can express our gratitude to Clare, her simple humanity and professionalism, and her ability to handle the Italian medical system and ensure that we were able to fly home the next day. [Let's hope, as a special reward for all she did for us, that she manages to bump into that anaesthetist again...] So many thanks to you all for looking after us, and yes, we would go back. Tuscany is magic!