Adele Munday

January 8, 2016

7th return trip with Collett's
This was our 7th return trip with yourselves and our 11th ski trip to the Dolomites. We choose Collett's because we strongly believe you offer an outstanding Chalet ski holiday, the best we've found in the majestic Dolomites (our favourite place to ski). You're resort staff : guest ratios are fantastic and the staff are always extremely friendly, massively helpful and a pleasure to be around. To sum it up an overall top ski-tastic company in the world's best ski location! Special thanks this year to the Chalet Angelo staff, an outstanding team of enthusiatic and hard working yet thrill seeking people. Becky & Steve's new menus were an extra special real treat; every meal was well thought out, tasty, perfectly cooked and nicely presented. We can't wait to return.