Wildflower Walks – Picos and Dolomites

15 January 2016


In the Picos de Europa and Italian Dolomites, we can show you some of the best floral sites in Europe. In early summer, our wildflower enthusiasts organise walks, which are free, optional and characterised by mesmerising flora, fauna and scenery. Our flower walks are available as follows: Picos – 5 days a week from 15 May to 10 June. Dolomites – 5 days a week from 4 June to 31 July.

“I have never seen such a wonderful display of mountain flowers. The whole area was a magnificent natural rock garden with gentians, saxifrages, daffodils, pasque flowers and many other species. As always,we enjoyed a great variety of orchids. No fewer than 33 species were seen, some in huge numbers. A beautiful meadow, pink with hundreds of pyramidal orchids, was particularly memorable.”
David Charlton, co-author of ‘Mountain Flowers’</

Wildflowers in the Picos de Europa

The Picos de Europa National Park represents an easy and rewarding introduction to alpine flora. Numerous tracks and paths at village level provide easy access to walkers of all levels of fitness to the phenomenal flora that thrives on our doorstep. From the moment the first spring flowers burst forth through the snow-melt, the floral magic of the Picos is there for all to see. Whatever it is that ultimately attracts you to these special mountains, you cannot fail to be overwhelmed by this natural splendour.

Wildflowers in the Italian Dolomites

The Italian Dolomites is an outstanding area for wildflowers and it is one of life’s great pleasures to walk among them. Throughout June and July you can join our own flower walkers on free and optional daily excursions (not Wednesdays or Saturdays) into the profuse flower meadows and other places where classic and rare species flourish. Over the years we have documented the locations of the classic and rare species and this invaluable knowledge grows each year, providing so much pleasure for flower enthusiasts.


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